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27 Essential Shots in a Wedding


Are you prepared for the wedding occasion you will cover? Well, if this is your first time, we suggest that you put together a list of the essential shots that you need to take. You will not want your clients to get disappointed with your services, right?


Wedding photographers, both newbies and pros, must plan what shots to take in the wedding. The photographer can even visit the wedding reception before the wedding so he/she can plan where to position himself and where to point his camera during the wedding.


To help beginner photographers prepare for a wedding, we have gathered here the most valuable shots that wedding professional photographers like you ought to take during the wedding.


•    The engagement rings
•    The wedding invitation
•    The wedding gown
•    Bride and bridesmaid preparing for the wedding
•    Mother of bride helping the bride get dressed
•    Groom putting on his suit
•    Couple’s first look before the wedding ceremony
•    The bride with parents
•    The bride with bridal entourage
•    The bride with her soon-to-be in-laws
•    The groom with his parents
•    The groom with groomsmen
•    The bridal vehicle
•    Interior and outdoor shots of the place
•    The groom walking down the aisle with mother
•    The entourage walking down the aisle
•    Bride walking down the aisle
•    Various shots during the wedding ceremony
•    Group shots with families and friends
•    The first kiss as married couple
•    Newlywed couple going to the reception
•    Couple stepping into the party venue
•    The wedding cake
•    The first toast
•    The bride dancing with her father
•    Different shots during the wedding party
•    The couple leaving the venue


Depending on the wedding location and the flow of the wedding ceremony, you can add more important shots in your list. Don’t forget to capture the fun and funny moments during the wedding.  Your wedding photos should tell a beautiful, compelling story of two people who vowed to be together forever.


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Great things about Using a Tripod

Great things about Using a Tripod


When you are beginning your own photography business, you ideally wish to know what the ideal equipment or add-ons you will need to buy. The first you need to think about is purchasing the suitable camera depending on your type of photography.


Then, you will certainly look for lenses which work with your camera. After picking out the lenses, you’ll be thinking of what accessories to purchase that can help you get far better photos. If you’re unsure on what add-ons to purchase, then think about obtaining a tripod.


One of many basic and most important components in photography is a tripod. A tripod is three-legged equipment that you normally see in photo shoots and in different occasions like weddings. You will see a camera affixed to a tripod.


Tripod is certainly a helpful camera accessory. It offers balance to your camera in order to lessen movement or shakes. A little shake when taking pictures can affect the quality of an graphic for that reason a tripod will help you minimize or eliminate shakes.  The legs of a tripod are also adjustable so you can lower it to whatever level from the ground that you desire.


A tripod is also finest for landscape and nature photo shoots since you can easily place your camera on it while awaiting the sun to set or rise or for the sky to appear lively and awesome. You don’t have to hold the camera for a long period since you have a tripod to set it on. A tripod is also excellent for taking macro shots since your macro pics need to be of high-quality and shooting it can be difficult without a tripod.


A tripod is also great for capturing photographs in low light since you can have long exposures. Also, apart from holding cameras, you can also utilize it for your camcorders and reflectors. It can keep your equipment stable and in place.


There are many types of tripods readily available in the market today. Just pick the one that really suits your type of photography and style of picture taking.

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Top Reason Why You Need to Get a Wedding Photographer


Wedding events are an important event in our lives. This usually happens once in a lifetime thus it is critical for us to be able to hold the memories of this big event. Everyone knows that wedding photos help record these special moments and every time we glance at these pictures we feel happy and nostalgic. 


Engaged couples typically employ a wedding photographer to cover their wedding but not all of those who employed a wedding photographer also employ a wedding videographer. Only half or less of the couples hire a wedding videographer. The usual reason they give you is that the professional services of a wedding videographer is too costly and it won’t fit in their wedding budget. 


A majority of those who didn’t employ a wedding videographer regret their decision of not getting one. They missed a lot of wonderful happenings during the wedding as they got caught up entertaining guests. These events may possibly be contained on camera but the best way to feel the real moment is to really see it.


If you are still setting up your wedding, below are a few good reasons why you need to get a wedding videographer who'll work with your wedding photographer.


1.    You can see the actual expressions and emotions of your guests during the wedding
2.    You can view your exchange of vows over and over.
3.    You can see the actual wedding ceremony from a different perspective.
4.    You can see how your friends and family bond together and rejoice with you. Sometime soon, even if some of them already passed you can still recollect how they were when still alive when you see them in the wedding video.
5.    You can present the wedding video to your children or grandchildren. This helps them see the faces of relatives who are not anymore with you.


There are numerous reasons why it is a good decision to get a wedding videographer. If you can incorporate it in your wedding budget, then go and hire one.